German Federation of Physical Education Teacher - Deutscher Sportlehrerverband (DSLV)

dslvThe German Physical Education Teacher Association (Deutscher Sportleherverband - DSLV) was founded in 1949 and has approx. 10.000 members (Physical Education teachers). The DSLV is the only professional associations for Physical Education teachers in Germany. Members of the DSLV teach at schools, universities, sport clubs and private universities.
The DSLV consists of 16 state association and 6 associations. The DSLV is member of the “Deutscher Olympische Sportbund” (DOSB, German Olympic Sports Confederation), the “Deutsches Olympisches Institut” (DOI, German Olympic Institute) as well as the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA), the umbrella organization of the national Physical Education teacher organisations in Europe.
The persons in charge of this Erasmus+ project are Martin Holzweg (DSLV vice president schools / universities) and Michael Fahlenbock (DSLV president)